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The SurRon Mod Shop is a part of the EBMX family. Focusing primarily on modifications, and getting the most POWEEER you can possibly get from your SurRon’s and other e-Bikes and Motos.

EBMX SurRon Battery

60V 53Ah EBMX SurRon Battery

Do you want to nearly double the range of the stock 60V battery using the stock controller and to have all of that extra power in the same space of your stock battery? Or do you want to run a high powered monster SurRon with up to 15kW of power!?** Well this high powered 60V battery has you covered for both occasions!

72V 42Ah EBMX SurRon Battery

Are you a thrill seeker that is after ultimate performance, extreme power density and up to a 15kW tune?! This massively powerful 72v battery will deliver all the thrills you could want and do it while still fitting in the stock SurRon battery slot as a plug and play solution. Note this battery will require the use of a EBMX controller upgrade and will not run on the stock 60v controller. In addition, this battery will require a new 72v charger and cannot be charged on the stock 60v charger